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Hello, I am Nathalie Vanner

And I'd like to share my transformative journey with you. Having dedicated many years of my life to human resources (Certified member of the Order of Human Resources and Industrial Relations Advisors), I've discovered a new passion, a new calling: Foot reflexology and Ear therapy.

My professional path has been marked by a strong expertise in advisory roles, coaching, and individual support. I've worked diligently alongside many individuals, helping them find their path, solve challenges, develop their potential, and achieve their goals. However, my own journey has led me to the discovery of holistic care methods and the pursuit of total well-being.

Today, I'm thrilled to offer you my services in Foot reflexology and Ear therapy. These approaches are deeply rooted in the philosophy of balance, relaxation, and natural vitality. After completing comprehensive training in these fields and becoming certified, I'm ready to combine my compassionate listening skills, understanding of individual needs, and well-being techniques to provide you with a unique experience.

Foot reflexology is based on the stimulation of reflex points on the feet to promote relaxation, energy circulation, and harmony within the body. Ear therapy, on the other hand, involves the use of beeswax candles designed to gently remove excess earwax. This method is not only soothing but also contributes to maintaining proper ear hygiene and enhancing auditory comfort.

I'm here to accompany you on your personal journey of well-being. Together, we can work on restoring balance and vitality in your life, releasing tension, and nurturing inner harmony.

Allow me to guide you towards better health, deep relaxation, and positive transformation.

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